Tale as Old as Time: A Romantic Biltmore Miami Wedding for your Valentine's Day Aesthetic

We absolutely loved designing this Beauty and the Beast inspired wedding for Paola and Alex! A South Florida wedding venue, The Biltmore in Miami FL is one that conjures images of luxury and traditional elegance. Paola and Alex’s vision of a romantic red and gold wedding palette was a perfect fit.

Flowers Unveiled designed these lustrous, ornate wedding centerpieces without our trademark creative and innovative flair. Photography provided by Dolce Photography, thank you so much! Our favorite shots are below!

Avoid these Wedding Flower Struggles

Your wedding is a great time to showcase your personality as a couple, and the right wedding aesthetic is a great way to do that. But it’s important to avoid unnecessary stress when working on your wedding flowers. Choosing the right flowers and ensuring the perfect floral arrangement can be tricky without the help of an expert florist. Make designing your wedding fun and avoid anxiety by taking these simple steps:

Be honest and open about your expectations

It is important to be open and honest with your florist not just about the type of floral arrangements you envision but your desired price point as well. A good florist will tell you right away if your expectations are unrealistic, but a great one will be able to suggest alternative ways to create the same aesthetic for your wedding décor that matches up with your price point, location, and wedding date.

Don’t fixate on a particular design; instead, use it for inspiration


Pinterest and Instagram are full of AMAZING inspiration for brides and grooms, but they only tell part of the story. Frequently those viral images don’t share what types of flowers are in those wedding arrangements, what time of year they are in season, or the cost. Some designs may look great in a daytime wedding in an airy repurposed barn, but may not translate well into your indoor nighttime formal ballroom. Instead of focusing on creating a perfect copy of what you’ve pinned or saved online, focus on what you like about the wedding décor. Do you like the colors? Textures? Shape? Little details? Spend some time studying the designs so that when you show the inspiration pics to us, we can design something that’s both unique and honors the wedding aesthetic you’ve curated.

Be open to color options

Some couples may want to use only a single color of flowers, or they will think they could NEVER want to use ivory instead of white, or add any greenery to their bouquets. While it’s fantastic to know what you want, you might want to be open-minded to what an experienced floral designer suggests. Sometimes an unexpected pop of color may bring a lot of visual interest to your décor. Even if you can’t picture it now, there may be something amazing your florist has in mind!

Have a budget range in mind rather than a fixed price

Most design studios will be honest with you about their prices, and it helps if you are open to budget suggestions. Be prepared to discuss what you’d like to spend. Most wedding vendors have costs that have to be covered, such as delivery and set-up fees, taxes, and more. Be prepared to include those necessary expenses in your price point. Many wedding vendors are very experienced and helpful with brides and will suggest ways to achieve the look and effect you want within your communicated price range.

Reserve your florist early

Don’t wait until the last minute to reserve your florist, especially if your wedding date is during the peak months for Miami weddings. Certain weekends tend to be more popular than others and dates can fill quickly. You may also have your heart set on a particular flower only to find out it’s not available for the wedding date you’ve picked! Talk to your florist early and we can help you with some of these decisions and design expectations. The months before the wedding should be spent celebrating with friends and family, so if you reserve your vendors early you’ll have plenty of time to relax and enjoy your engagement!


How to Pick the Perfect Flowers for your Miami Summer Wedding

Summer is a surprisingly wonderful time for Miami weddings. The weather may be warm but South Florida wedding venues are frequently indoors, or offer cooling options for your guests’ comfort. And you can’t beat the variety of summer wedding flowers for your reception centerpieces and ceremony decor. Summer is the season of colorful blooming flowers and choosing the right flowers will make the wedding decorations stand out and withstand the South Florida climate.

Tips for Choosing the Best Summer Wedding Flowers

Choosing the perfect flowers for summer wedding in Miami can be tricky. Some of the important considerations for the same are as follows:

Select Local Flowers

The most logical thing to do is choosing flowers native to South Florida or the tropics. These flowers will be better suited to the local climate and can tolerate the hot temperature. Exotic or out of season flowers can work just fine when you work with an expert florist, but the cost may be higher or more care may be needed to keep the flowers looking their best.


Choose Hardy, Long Lasting Blossoms

For summer weddings, flowers which will last longer should be selected. Flowers which bloom in summer should be selected as they will remain fresh for longer. Flowers like roses, orchids, dahlias, sunflowers, calla lilies etc. are the best choice of flowers for summer weddings. On the other hand, more delicate and out of season flowers like peonies, tulips, and daffodils will require more consideration to keep them stable in warm, humid settings.

Keep the Flowers Cool

Wedding floral centerpieces should be kept cool for as long as possible before the wedding. When you work with a professional florist you won’t have to worry about this. However, if you are accenting any of your décor with DIY efforts, keep in mind that climate control is necessary. You won’t be able to leave flowers out in the heat or direct sunlight the day before the wedding in South Florida in the summer.

Select Bold Colors

Summer is the perfect time to select bold, Miami-inspired tropical colored flowers. Couples can opt for colors like hot fuchsia, magenta, pink, yellow, orange, etc for the floral arrangements.

Hire an Amazing Miami Florist

It is highly recommended to hire a professional and experienced florist for making the wedding arrangements. Florists are experts in their field and they can get the best floral arrangements done and free up the couples for taking care of other important works. Florists can also get the best deals for the couples. Flowers Unveiled is a Best of the Knot Hall of Fame inductee because of our attention to detail, creative vision, and customer service. Call us today if you are looking for wedding flowers from an award-winning Miami florist!

We need to talk about 2019 wedding flower trends

Each year new event floral trends emerge, and there is always some unexpected twist. Take cake pops as an example. What started off as a mistake (seriously, look up the origin of cake pops!) turned into a huge hit at special events, even showing up in centerpieces! And after two decades of gold being considered “traditional” at best and “dated” at worst, gold has been the hottest request for several years now.

But 2019? That is something we REALLY need to talk about!

2019 is about muted bright colors

Oh, that makes no sense? We would have agreed with you, BUT! Here’s the thing! When you think of pastels you usually think of blush pink and ivory and pale yellow. However what we’re seeing in 2019 wedding flowers is pairing bright colors with their pale, muted counterparts. Imagine seeing plum and burgundy next to pale blues and purples. Vivid greens next to pale sage. Color contrast is forecast to be a big hit for 2019 wedding couples.

Here are a few other expected trends in wedding centerpieces for 2019:

1. Tailored greenery for centerpieces

In years past when you thought of greenery in centerpieces, trailing ivy and wildflower inspired bursts of greenery come to mind. This trend passed, with tight, neat symmetry becoming the norm for several years. Now in 2019 we see the desire for a return to nature reflected in bouquets and centerpieces. However, instead of formless profusions of wild greenery trailing all over, we’re seeing thoughtful placement of tailored greenery accents. Unusual accents like ornate succulents, delicate Honey Bracelet accents, and muted Dusty Miller greenery add that natural touch in a structured way.

2. Peonies are still on top

Ah, those ruffly, luxurious peonies! Who doesn’t love these large, delicate blossoms with their fluffy layers of romantic petals. A little goes a long way with these showy blossoms, especially since they are readily available in the US only in the late Spring/early Summer. Pair these blush pastels with pops of brighter tones for a 2019 kick.

3. Glossy and matte mixes are a hit

Just as mixed metals are still going strong in late 2018, you will start seeing a blend of different textures in 2019 wedding flower trends. Pair glossy greenery and blossoms with muted, matte counterparts to achieve that eclectic textured look. Keep everything in the same color temperature family to avoid overloading your design with too many different contrasts!

4. FTDI’s Hanami will stay alive

FTDI’s leading professional florists saw the rise of Hanami in 2018 and their forecasts tell them it will stay alive. Signified by the colors maroon, hunter green, carnation red, coral, peony, and pacific blue, Hanami will be translated into bold statements, gold and champagne overlay, and detailed elements among other things. The flowers used will be anything from peony to willow eucalyptus – as long as the colors lie in the spectrum stated above.

5. Gold accents are going strong

The likes of Sir Botanical and Pom & Splendour are more into painting leaves and flowers with gold. A number of their clients have liked that idea and sensing this, we think such trends would make their way to the next year as well. Certain leaves and blossoms can be sprayed or dipped in gold to give your wedding flowers gold accents. Not every type of flower can hold up to this treatment, but a lot of beautiful options are available to get this luxurious treatment.

Wedding trends in the US will not be the same, mind you. We’ve done our best to give you a head start, but don’t stop here. Look for what your eyes and heart find comfort in. After all, only that way we’ll be happy with our choice.

Top 8 Most Popular Rose Colors in the US

Trying to pick the right color rose for your floral centerpieces? 35 million years old and still ravishing, to many flower enthusiasts roses are the most exquisite creation of nature. There are over 150 million species of roses worldwide, each with a unique color. But no matter what color they are, they will always smell like heaven! But which colors are most popular?

In the US, almost every color of roses is found and owing to the trends of wedding floral designs, some florists are even painting them with gold accents.

Besides providing us with a visual treat, roses tell tales of human emotions that have been associated with them for a long time. Finding which color rose color is right for your event will mean examining each one of the 8 most popular rose colors!

1. Peach color

Peach colored roses are symbols of humbleness and simplicity. Some of the peach colored rose varieties in the US are Sunset Beauty, which is a climbing rose, Renaissance (David-Austen Roses), Flower Carpet Coral (Groundcover Roses), and Buff Beauty (Hybrid Musk Roses). Peach is a warm colored variation of pink and pairs well with other warm colors, or let the orange/yellow tones provide a surprising pop against blue and purple, which are complementary colors.

2. White roses

The white color is a symbol of piousness. According to some sources, it also signifies the beginning of every creation. Catherine Mermet (Tea Roses), Madame Alfred Carriere (Noisette Roses), Blanc Double de Coubert(Hybrid Rugosa Roses), Maiden's Blush (Alba Roses), and Ballerina (Hybrid Musk Roses) are found throughout the US. White roses pair beautifully with both modern, minimalist acrylic and crystal event decor or with romantic, feminine, ornate, traditional event design. A truly neutral color that is beautiful on its own or as an accent to any other color you could want.

3. Yellow Roses

Yellow roses bring so much warmth and freshness, like a ray of spring sunshine! Here are the varieties you can go for if you don’t conform to the societal norms: Mollineux (Shrub Roses), Peace (Hybrid Tea Roses), Arthur Bell (Floribunda), and Graham Thomas (David Austen Roses). Wouldn’t yellow roses look absolutely amazing next to a navy blue linen?

4. Orange Roses

The orange roses signify energy and thus, energetic emotions. Go for Cricket (Miniature Roses) if you want a luxury orange rose. If you’re planning an autumn wedding, orange roses bring rustic warmth to the table.

5. Purple Roses

Purple roses look like lush royalty! Heidi Klum (Floribunda), Charles de Gaulle and Moon Shadow (Hybrid Tea), Blunette (Miniature), Tuscany Superb (Gallica), and Reine des Voilettes (Hybrid Perpetual) are some of the drool worthy purple roses. While they work all year, a purple rose is a deep color and would bring a lot of drama to a winter event theme as a contrasting pop of color.

6. Ivory/Cream Roses

Thought to express thoughtfulness and intelligence, ivory roses are found in abundance in the US in the form of Golden Wings (Shrub), Iceberg (Floribunda), Safrano (Tea Rose), and Madame Hardy (Damask Roses). Ivory roses set a tone of traditional elegance and would work well with rustic wedding decor, or conjure reminisces of luxurious Great Gatsby inspired decadence.

7. Blush Pink Roses

The light pink roses indicate grace and innocence altogether. One of the most popular trends of the last few years, blush pink centerpieces are delicate, feminine, and pair well with modern color palettes of all types. Blush pink and gold weddings are especially beautiful in 2018 and 2019, but if you want to add a layer of surprise, choose to go with blush pink and copper to get ahead in the trends. In the US, there are many varieties of them, including, Sunset Beauty (Climbing Roses), Pink Parfait and Queen Elizabeth (Grandiflora Roses), Sugar Baby (Miniature Roses), The Fairy and the Cecile Brunner (Polyantha Roses), Louise Odier (Bourbon Roses), Rose de Meaux and Bullata (Centifolia Roses), Duc De Cambridge (Damask Roses, La Reine (Hybrid Perpetual Roses), Crested Moss (Moss Roses), Blush (Noisette Roses), Comte de Chambord (Portland Roses), and Duchesse de Brabant (Tea Roses).

8. Red Roses

Certainly when you think of roses, the most traditional and well-known rose color is red! Deep, velvety red tones are a symbol of romance and love. It’s no wonder that red roses are the most popular rose colors of all! While you can design an absolutely STUNNING event around red roses with black and white accents, there are some modern ways to use this popular rose color in exciting combinations! Red and teal wedding color palettes are so fresh and invigorating because of the complementary color palette and high color contrast. Or mix red, pink, and purple for a dramatic ombre effect!

These are some of the varieties and colors found throughout the US. Is your favorite color rose on this list? Let us know in the comments!