Floral Design in Ft Lauderdale and Miami

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Here at Flowers Unveiled we treasure the beauty of flowers and strive to deliver spectacular floral designs in the Miami and Ft Lauderdale area.  With so many amazing floral design choices, we aim to please.


Floral design companies in the Miami and Ft Lauderdale are abundant. How do you know Flowers Unveiled is the best choice for you?   Flowers Unveiled is an elite floral design studio in the Miami and Ft Lauderdale area. We use our creativity and ability to focus on your needs to set us apart from other floral designers. 


Flowers Unveiled offers several options for busy professionals to obtain our services. We offer in person consultations at our studio or in your home or office. We can consult by telephone and meet for video consultations. What is important is to get to know each other so we can determine if we are a good fit. Having a great relationship with your floral designer is the key to successfully bringing your project to life.  


When planning to meet with a Flowers Unveiled designer, the best floral designer in the Miami and Ft Lauderdale area, you will want to be prepared. This will ensure a focused and productive floral design consultation. Whether it is a special Valentine’s Day gift, wedding flowers for an elaborate wedding, or centerpieces for an intimate gathering, Flowers Unveiled will deliver the best floral design Miami and Fort Lauderdale.


Look for Inspiration


If you want to save time and zero in on the perfect floral arrangements you should have at least a vague idea of what you're looking for. If you're planning a wedding, it might be a good idea to browse wedding magazines and websites to find examples of arrangements you really love. Regardless of the occasion, have some inspiration and a style in mind. We also recommend spending some time on our website looking at other people’s wedding flowers and seeing what you fall in love with. 


What if you are unsure about your style? No worries, Flowers Unveiled can help narrow it down to the look and feel of the perfect floral design for your occasion.


Think About Your Budget


It is important for you to have a clear idea of your budget. Flowers Unveiled, a top floral designer in Miami and Ft Lauderdale, will help you connect you floral design vision with your budget. You will need to decide how important flowers are to accurately determine where they fit into your budget. With so many floral design options available, flowers can play a major role or a minor role in your design, so it's best if you have a budget in mind.

Allow Flowers Unveiled, with the best floral designers in Miami and Ft Lauderdale, to make your special moment a dream come true. Here at Flowers Unveiled we have unlimited floral design options and amazing floral designers that will create beautiful options that fit your budget. It’s important to note that Flowers Unveiled will never compromise quality. We will, however, adjust the quantity and create a strategy that will allow your budget to transform your vision into reality.


Schedule a Consultation


As top quality floral designer in Ft Lauderdale, Flowers Unveiled will set aside a time dedicated solely to you and creating a floral design concept that will leave pleased and relieved. We will dedicate our consultation to listening to you and your vision. We will allow you walk us through your dream. Our floral designer will ask lots of questions, discuss your budget, make suggestions and offer ideas for your consideration.  It is extremely important to remember that the final decision is yours, and we will make your dream come true! A good floral designer will help guide your decisions and never try to force you down one particular path.

So, if you are in the market for floral design in the Ft Lauderdale or Miami area allow Flowers Unveiled to accompany you on your journey to creating an amazing event.  We at Flowers Unveiled are committed to being that floral designer!