Ft Lauderdale and Miami Floral Design

It’s no surprise that flowers and floral design are dear to everyone’s heart. Here at Flowers Unveiled Ft Lauderdale Floral Design Studio, we are passionate about the timeless beauty of flowers, their history and how they have been used through the years to represent love, healing and passion.   Flowers were believed to have magical properties and later meaning was added to the flowers chosen.  People would interpret the meaning of a posy given to them based on the flowers in the floral design and secret messages could be read from the buttonhole of a gentleman or the corsage of a lady.


At Flowers Unveiled, Ft Lauderdale Floral Design Studio, we apply these meanings to our ideas and thoughts about special floral designs for a loved one or for a special occasion. We like to think the art of our craft is to arrange flowers in a way that means something to the person receiving a special gift.


Each season of the year, we use different flowers and designs reflecting the beauty of the time of year. During the winter season our floral designs take on a Christmas or wintery feel, and we always enjoy coming up with unique ideas for door wreaths, table arrangements, and holiday gifts using the flowers and foliage of the season.


For every holiday season throughout the year, we are called upon to supply a variety of floral designs for our customers. We take pride in delivering a finished design that has carefully interpreted a client’s requirement to come up with the perfect gift or centerpiece. We always work with our clients and involve them in the process.  If you prefer to leave the concept completely to us, that is fine too!

Some customers love more traditional flowers and colors in shades of red, pink, cream and white, while others love to see zingy oranges, purples, bronzes and yellows. Whatever the color choice, we will select the right mix of blooms to create your floral design. Flowers Unveiled will surprise you with the creative use of uncommon flowers, old favorites or an eclectic mix of stems. Even our monochromatic designs will jump out at you while remain subtle at the same time.


If you are looking for breathtaking floral design in Ft Lauderdale, look no further. Flowers Unveiled has the imagination and creativity to ensure the perfect yet affordable arrangement. From a simple centerpiece to an extravagant birthday bouquet, our blooms and blossoms will be fresh, colorful and striking. Often our customers report back that our arrangements have been quite the talking point at a gathering. We are pleased, knowing that our experience, artistry and imagination have produced the desired result.


Flowers Unveiled specializes in wedding flowers of all kinds and for all budgets. Please take a look at the floral designs in our Gallery and see what inspires you.  For suggestions or consultations for wedding flowers in the Miami and Ft Lauderdale area or any type of floral design, we are always available. We look forward to meeting you!