We need to talk about 2019 wedding flower trends

Each year new event floral trends emerge, and there is always some unexpected twist. Take cake pops as an example. What started off as a mistake (seriously, look up the origin of cake pops!) turned into a huge hit at special events, even showing up in centerpieces! And after two decades of gold being considered “traditional” at best and “dated” at worst, gold has been the hottest request for several years now.

But 2019? That is something we REALLY need to talk about!

2019 is about muted bright colors

Oh, that makes no sense? We would have agreed with you, BUT! Here’s the thing! When you think of pastels you usually think of blush pink and ivory and pale yellow. However what we’re seeing in 2019 wedding flowers is pairing bright colors with their pale, muted counterparts. Imagine seeing plum and burgundy next to pale blues and purples. Vivid greens next to pale sage. Color contrast is forecast to be a big hit for 2019 wedding couples.

Here are a few other expected trends in wedding centerpieces for 2019:

1. Tailored greenery for centerpieces

In years past when you thought of greenery in centerpieces, trailing ivy and wildflower inspired bursts of greenery come to mind. This trend passed, with tight, neat symmetry becoming the norm for several years. Now in 2019 we see the desire for a return to nature reflected in bouquets and centerpieces. However, instead of formless profusions of wild greenery trailing all over, we’re seeing thoughtful placement of tailored greenery accents. Unusual accents like ornate succulents, delicate Honey Bracelet accents, and muted Dusty Miller greenery add that natural touch in a structured way.

2. Peonies are still on top

Ah, those ruffly, luxurious peonies! Who doesn’t love these large, delicate blossoms with their fluffy layers of romantic petals. A little goes a long way with these showy blossoms, especially since they are readily available in the US only in the late Spring/early Summer. Pair these blush pastels with pops of brighter tones for a 2019 kick.

3. Glossy and matte mixes are a hit

Just as mixed metals are still going strong in late 2018, you will start seeing a blend of different textures in 2019 wedding flower trends. Pair glossy greenery and blossoms with muted, matte counterparts to achieve that eclectic textured look. Keep everything in the same color temperature family to avoid overloading your design with too many different contrasts!

4. FTDI’s Hanami will stay alive

FTDI’s leading professional florists saw the rise of Hanami in 2018 and their forecasts tell them it will stay alive. Signified by the colors maroon, hunter green, carnation red, coral, peony, and pacific blue, Hanami will be translated into bold statements, gold and champagne overlay, and detailed elements among other things. The flowers used will be anything from peony to willow eucalyptus – as long as the colors lie in the spectrum stated above.

5. Gold accents are going strong

The likes of Sir Botanical and Pom & Splendour are more into painting leaves and flowers with gold. A number of their clients have liked that idea and sensing this, we think such trends would make their way to the next year as well. Certain leaves and blossoms can be sprayed or dipped in gold to give your wedding flowers gold accents. Not every type of flower can hold up to this treatment, but a lot of beautiful options are available to get this luxurious treatment.

Wedding trends in the US will not be the same, mind you. We’ve done our best to give you a head start, but don’t stop here. Look for what your eyes and heart find comfort in. After all, only that way we’ll be happy with our choice.