How to Pick the Perfect Flowers for your Miami Summer Wedding

Summer is a surprisingly wonderful time for Miami weddings. The weather may be warm but South Florida wedding venues are frequently indoors, or offer cooling options for your guests’ comfort. And you can’t beat the variety of summer wedding flowers for your reception centerpieces and ceremony decor. Summer is the season of colorful blooming flowers and choosing the right flowers will make the wedding decorations stand out and withstand the South Florida climate.

Tips for Choosing the Best Summer Wedding Flowers

Choosing the perfect flowers for summer wedding in Miami can be tricky. Some of the important considerations for the same are as follows:

Select Local Flowers

The most logical thing to do is choosing flowers native to South Florida or the tropics. These flowers will be better suited to the local climate and can tolerate the hot temperature. Exotic or out of season flowers can work just fine when you work with an expert florist, but the cost may be higher or more care may be needed to keep the flowers looking their best.


Choose Hardy, Long Lasting Blossoms

For summer weddings, flowers which will last longer should be selected. Flowers which bloom in summer should be selected as they will remain fresh for longer. Flowers like roses, orchids, dahlias, sunflowers, calla lilies etc. are the best choice of flowers for summer weddings. On the other hand, more delicate and out of season flowers like peonies, tulips, and daffodils will require more consideration to keep them stable in warm, humid settings.

Keep the Flowers Cool

Wedding floral centerpieces should be kept cool for as long as possible before the wedding. When you work with a professional florist you won’t have to worry about this. However, if you are accenting any of your décor with DIY efforts, keep in mind that climate control is necessary. You won’t be able to leave flowers out in the heat or direct sunlight the day before the wedding in South Florida in the summer.

Select Bold Colors

Summer is the perfect time to select bold, Miami-inspired tropical colored flowers. Couples can opt for colors like hot fuchsia, magenta, pink, yellow, orange, etc for the floral arrangements.

Hire an Amazing Miami Florist

It is highly recommended to hire a professional and experienced florist for making the wedding arrangements. Florists are experts in their field and they can get the best floral arrangements done and free up the couples for taking care of other important works. Florists can also get the best deals for the couples. Flowers Unveiled is a Best of the Knot Hall of Fame inductee because of our attention to detail, creative vision, and customer service. Call us today if you are looking for wedding flowers from an award-winning Miami florist!