Avoid these Wedding Flower Struggles

Your wedding is a great time to showcase your personality as a couple, and the right wedding aesthetic is a great way to do that. But it’s important to avoid unnecessary stress when working on your wedding flowers. Choosing the right flowers and ensuring the perfect floral arrangement can be tricky without the help of an expert florist. Make designing your wedding fun and avoid anxiety by taking these simple steps:

Be honest and open about your expectations

It is important to be open and honest with your florist not just about the type of floral arrangements you envision but your desired price point as well. A good florist will tell you right away if your expectations are unrealistic, but a great one will be able to suggest alternative ways to create the same aesthetic for your wedding décor that matches up with your price point, location, and wedding date.

Don’t fixate on a particular design; instead, use it for inspiration


Pinterest and Instagram are full of AMAZING inspiration for brides and grooms, but they only tell part of the story. Frequently those viral images don’t share what types of flowers are in those wedding arrangements, what time of year they are in season, or the cost. Some designs may look great in a daytime wedding in an airy repurposed barn, but may not translate well into your indoor nighttime formal ballroom. Instead of focusing on creating a perfect copy of what you’ve pinned or saved online, focus on what you like about the wedding décor. Do you like the colors? Textures? Shape? Little details? Spend some time studying the designs so that when you show the inspiration pics to us, we can design something that’s both unique and honors the wedding aesthetic you’ve curated.

Be open to color options

Some couples may want to use only a single color of flowers, or they will think they could NEVER want to use ivory instead of white, or add any greenery to their bouquets. While it’s fantastic to know what you want, you might want to be open-minded to what an experienced floral designer suggests. Sometimes an unexpected pop of color may bring a lot of visual interest to your décor. Even if you can’t picture it now, there may be something amazing your florist has in mind!

Have a budget range in mind rather than a fixed price

Most design studios will be honest with you about their prices, and it helps if you are open to budget suggestions. Be prepared to discuss what you’d like to spend. Most wedding vendors have costs that have to be covered, such as delivery and set-up fees, taxes, and more. Be prepared to include those necessary expenses in your price point. Many wedding vendors are very experienced and helpful with brides and will suggest ways to achieve the look and effect you want within your communicated price range.

Reserve your florist early

Don’t wait until the last minute to reserve your florist, especially if your wedding date is during the peak months for Miami weddings. Certain weekends tend to be more popular than others and dates can fill quickly. You may also have your heart set on a particular flower only to find out it’s not available for the wedding date you’ve picked! Talk to your florist early and we can help you with some of these decisions and design expectations. The months before the wedding should be spent celebrating with friends and family, so if you reserve your vendors early you’ll have plenty of time to relax and enjoy your engagement!