Planning a Miami wedding? 4 things you need to know.

Miami FL is a popular place for destination weddings because of the beautiful weather and even more beautiful Miami wedding venues. The total number of weddings in Miami was over 24,000 in 2018 alone! Engaged couples who want a unique and spectacular with a tropical feel without worrying about the need for a passport should look no further than a South Florida wedding. So what are some things to keep in mind before picking your Miami destination wedding spot? Here are 4 tips for your Miami Destination Wedding!

Event decor rental by Flowers Unveiled

Event decor rental by Flowers Unveiled

1.     South Florida is more than just Miami

If you’ve got your heart set on a South Beach hotel but it’s reserved already, consider broadening your search.

Miami is just one of what makes up a Tri-County area, compromised of Miami, Broward, and Palm Beach and they all share the same fantastic coastline.

The Florida Keys are just a short day trip as well from almost anywhere in Southeast Florida. Cities like Ft. Lauderdale, Hollywood, and Boca Raton have many gorgeous wedding venues for you to explore.

2.     Weather in Miami

As you probably know, Miami has a semi-tropical system with hot, humid summers and mild but short winters. The city’s wet season falls between May to mid-October with the temperature within the period ranging from the mid 80s to the high 90s. Air conditioning is standard everywhere though so don’t worry.

If you want to avoid the showers and the heat this period, then you have to opt for a wedding date between November and March. If you want a wedding on a classically tropical day , you should consider March through May. Don’t be discouraged by the rain though. Most people in the area don’t even carry umbrellas. Rain storms are usually short, and the beach is still beautiful even on an overcast day.

Miami Wedding Florist and Design Studio Flowers Unveiled

Miami Wedding Florist and Design Studio Flowers Unveiled

3.     Public Transportation is Limited

If you’re from a city with a robust public transportation system, South Florida may seem like a disappointment in comparison, but we do have some great options like buses, trolleys, and Tri-Rail and they are overall clean and run on schedule. However, there is no denying that the best way for your out of town wedding guests to get around South Florida is by renting a car or calling an Uber, Lyft, or a taxi.

The nice thing about South Florida is that traffic is rarely backed up for long on the highways, except during evening and morning rush hour. Paid toll roads free up a lot of congestion and are not that expensive. One of the benefits of driving instead of using public transportation is that there are ample parking lots around the city. Almost everywhere your guests go will have plenty of parking spots.

4.     Miami is a Melting Pot of Culture and Lifestyle

Miami is know for it’s amazing influence of Latin and Island culture, but its a melting pot of many fantastic people. There is a huge variety of restaurants, night clubs, sporting events, and live shows available. In the same night you can enjoy Salsa on South Beach and Country Line Dancing in Davie. There are fantastic exhibits, museums, and attractions that are family friendly as well. From Zoo Miami to The Museum of Discovery and Science, there are great places throughout the Tri-County area for all of your wedding guests. Make sure to hit up Yelp to and Google Maps for the best insight.

And that’s a pretty good start for planning your Miami wedding! The next step is to hire an amazing Miami Wedding Planner. They will help you navigate all the steps needed for a destination wedding in South Florida.