How to find the Wedding Planner who is Right for You

Wedding Planning by Flowers Unveiled.

Wedding Planning by Flowers Unveiled.

You’re engaged! Congratulations! Your first step is going to be share the news with everyone you love. Enjoy the moment, it’s such a rush. But after your engagement you may be left with a lot of questions. Where do you start? There are tons of great lists online to plan your own wedding but if you’re someone who is busy with work, kids, school, social activities etc then you may want to consider hiring a wedding planner to help you design and carry out your event. Especially if you are planning a Miami destination wedding. Wedding planners work along with you to make sure things are successful on your wedding day and that your creative vision is carried out. Here are some tips on how to find the right Miami wedding planner for you:

Consider your personal style

If you can, spend some time envisioning the wedding you want. Browse pinterest, The Knot, consider weddings you’ve been to in the past. Take a few minutes to jot down maybe a few things you know you want and a few things you know you don’t want. Your wedding planner will do an excellent job of helping you with this if you need assistance even with starting your vision, but it may help to have an idea before you start making calls.

Consider also your personal preference for communication. Can you trust your experience event professional to work independently or will you want to be more involved in the day-to-day decision making? Do you prefer talking by text, email, or phone? Do you want someone who will chat with you for a while or do you want someone direct? There are NO wrong answers, it just depends on the style you want in your event coordinator. Keep all your preferred qualities in mind before meeting your prospective wedding planners.

Check out their online presence

Once you have got some references and names, you can start checking out their presence online. While you check their website you will be able check out their aesthetics, performance, designs and how they communicate. Check out their instagram and facebook posts, as well as their reviews online. If you see anything that you question, don’t be afraid to ask your prospective planner about it directly.

Some great places to find Miami wedding planners is on The Knot and Wedding Wire.

Meet personally

If you can, meet with your potential wedding planner in person. Meeting personally is important as this way you can share your ideas and get to know each other’s personality to see if you will be a good fit. There are many more things that needs discussion including the budget - and be prepared with some price ranges for what you’re looking to spend on your wedding before meeting with your planner. They will let you know what you can expect and can help you prioritize where to spend your budget.

Make Your Decision

For some people, making this important decision may be easy and for others it may be a struggle. Since popular wedding dates can sell out quickly, it’s important to communicate openly with your potential wedding planner. Ask them how long you can take to make your decision. They will let you know how long they can hold the date for you. Find the person who fits the right balance of experienced professionalism, understanding your aesthetic and style, and has the right personality to mesh with yours.