How to Choose Your Wedding Aesthetic


You’ve picked the day for your wedding, now conceptualizing all the details begins! You may have things like your favorite colors, or your venue, or even your wedding dressed picked, but how do you tie it all together? A talented Miami wedding event design studio can help you develop your vision, but it might help to have some ideas before you come in to see us.

What is a “wedding aesthetic”?

The term ‘wedding aesthetics’ is a little bit new on the wedding scene, mostly thanks to the continued influence of instagram culture. Your aesthetic for the event is a big picture idea of the style you want to convey. It is the look and feel that you want to create for your guests, wedding pictures, and more and can usually influence everything from your save the dates to your bridal shower and of course your wedding reception. All the individual details such as your wedding centerpieces, table linens, dress/tuxedo, wedding favors and more take style cues from your overall wedding aesthetic. Is it required to plan out something like this? No, definitely not! But some brides have mentioned how it’s helped them in the decision making process. And it’s fun to do!


You can choose any typical style like classic/traditional, bohemian, rustic, or glamorous. You can also do more specific aesthetics like using something relevant to your cultural or ethic background, or go for a theme like Victorian or Winter Wonderland. The options are endless!

Choosing the wedding aesthetic

In order to choose your aesthetics you have to consider a few things:

1. The venue is important.

Venue plays an important role when you choose your wedding aesthetics. Try to picture your wedding venue’s surroundings, colors, texture. Does it look more beach side cottage or farm house rustic? You can always work everything together using clever design but an antique barn might not be the best fit for a royal glam ballroom style aesthetic.

2. Consider the season.

 In Miami we only really have one season: tropical green! In other parts of the country you may want to consider that January in not the best time for an outdoor ceremony with English garden aesthetic. But in Miami you should still consider the season as far as temperature and rainfall. In the summers it tends to be overcast and rainy on many afternoons, so if a blue sky and bright ocean backdrop is your dream, you may want to pick something outside of the rainy season instead.

3. Assess your personal style as a couple.

Your wedding aesthetics will be extension of your personal style as a couple. so talk with your fiancé and decide together what your wedding day look should be. Are there any colors that they doesn’t like? Compromise is key. Understanding both of your choices will let you finalize the wedding aesthetics together. Once you know these you can discuss matters with your Miami wedding planner. We can always help if you get stuck!

4. Do what makes you happy.

Above all else, do what makes you happy. If you want to have crystal chandeliers hanging from antique barn rafters, or vintage wine barrels decorated with succulents in dramatic ballrooms, then embrace it! The details will tie everything together. It’s your day and you need to do what makes you happiest.