Flower Crowns for Rustic Vintage weddings


Nowadays, different types of themes are being used in a wedding to make the event a memorable one. The flower arrangements play a key role in a wedding because they create impacts on guests significantly by showcasing your personality and wedding ambiance. A rustic wedding is usually held outdoors which covers natural elements including flowers, but South Florida indoor wedding venues are just as easily decorated to have that vintage or rustic wedding aesthetic. Garlands are an up and coming wedding aesthetic trend for 2019 brides and they are decorating everything from tables to your hair. A flower crown is the perfect use for garland wedding accents.

Flower Crowns are a 2019 Wedding Trend Top Choice. But what is a floral crown?

A flower crown is usually a circle or semi circle of flowers and greenery arranged into a circular shape and worn on top of or woven into your bridal hair style. Floral crowns are becoming the most popular trend in a rustic wedding. They look especially striking in your photos as well. Fresh flowers that will last all day add a touch of authenticity that look amazing on brides and flower girls alike. Most brides are opting for decorative headpieces because they serve as a beautiful piece of adornment in a wedding. The flower crowns are a suitable one for all types of rustic weddings allowing a bride to add an ethereal touch to her look. Brides who want to choose them should work with a professional Miami florist because some flowers and greenery work better for this accessory than others. A professional wedding design studio will design a flower crown that is beautiful, durable, and have the best longevity for your entire event.


Why flower crowns for a rustic wedding?

Since a rustic wedding is an outdoor event, it requires attractive decorations for a bride to make her special. A floral headband is an excellent choice for a bride allowing her to get a bubbly, organic look . Flower crowns have been a symbol throughout history to illustrate love, romance, femininity, celebration, and even fertility across many different cultures. That historical and symbolic connection as well as the tie-in with nature aesthetics is what makes flower crowns an excellent choice for rustic themes.

How to choose them?

A floral headband enables a bride to reflect her personality in a rustic wedding. It is an important one to choose the type of flowers, styles, and hues which match the personal style of a bride. For instance, a bride should pick bright and sizzling colors for a Miami beach wedding. Another thing is that it should stick with the shades that work well for the skin color of a bride. Any bride who wants to add a glamorous touch with natural-inspired beauty can select the crown based on these style indicators and look amazing on their wedding day!