If you are planning a special event and are in the market for a Ft Lauderdale or Miami floral design company, then Flowers Unveiled is the place for you. Flowers Unveiled specializes in Weddings Flowers and Wedding Floral Design.  In addition, we can create works of art for just about anything.  The exquisite floral designs by Flowers Unveiled can make an event venue spring to life with beauty. Whether it's a wedding, bat mitzvah, gala or other major occasion it is clear that making the correct choice requires giving Flowers Unveiled a call.


Choosing the right floral design company is an important matter, because you want to get the most value and quality for the money that you spend. Our Ft Lauderdale floral design company Flowers Unveiled has built a strong reputation for service and excellence. When you are choosing a florist for your special event, take a look at these criteria -- and before you make your final selection call Flowers Unveiled and give us the opportunity to demonstrate why our clients are so very happy they chose us.

1. Quality of product

At the end of the day, what matters most from a floral designer is the quality of the flowers, ability to really listen to the desires of the client, and the creativity that the designer can demonstrate. When you walk into a florist's shop for a consultation, take a look at the available flowers on display. Are the flowers starting to wilt? Do some of the blooms or leaves have brown edges? Throwing away flowers costs florists money, that's why we at Flowers Unveiled don’t keep flowers in stock. We purchase the highest quality flowers available specifically for you and your event. We never use leftovers.

We only source flowers from the very best growers all over the world. This ensures that you get the highest quality for your order. We check each incoming shipment for a rich, vibrant color and for leaves that are a healthy green. We also inspect our product as it leaves the studio to ensure that is top quality.

2. Variety of product

There are some florists that specialize in only cut flowers. However, Flowers Unveiled, the best in Ft Lauderdale floral design provides more options, such as orchids, tropicals, succulents, trees and plants.  While cut flowers make up the majority of our business, there are many occasions that require different kinds of plants, and we at Flowers Unveiled have access to a variety of options to complete the project.


Whether you are planning a fun bar or bat mitzvah, luau, wedding, or  birthday party, we have a variety of plant and floral options that will make your decor stand out.

3. Artistic vision

When you walk into some of the more basic flower shops, you'll see a refrigerated cabinet with ready-made basic arrangements. While this type of florist is all right for a quick dozen roses or a basic corsage with carnations and baby's breath, if you are looking for an artistic Miami and Ft Lauderdale floral designer, you will want to keep looking. At Flowers Unveiled you will immediately see the difference. We have access to just about any combination of flowers you could dream of. The possibilities are endless. Our artistic eye and ability to really listen to our clients is what sets us apart. Before making such an important choice on a floral designer in the Miami and Ft Lauderdale area you owe it to yourself to call Flowers Unveiled and see what happens.  Allow us the opportunity to demonstrate to you what sets Flowers Unveield apart from the crowd.

4. Superior customer service

Some florists have about a dozen different designs that they try to sell to each customer that comes in the door. The good news for them is that they have made the designs before, so they are easy to put together in a short amount of time. If business is heavy, they can make a lot of money by having several of each design premade, so that they don't have to do much in the way of custom work.

This isn't a problem if you're happy with one of these basic setups. However, if you are looking for something unique, you will quickly find yourself frustrated in that setting. A cookie cutter florist is not going to want to sit down with you and discuss your concept before coming up with the perfect floral arrangement. When you do start talking about what you have in mind, they will guide you toward one of their cookie cutter designs.

We look at each customer as a chance to make a work of art that brings beauty into someone's event, home, or office. By asking you the correct questions and having the answers to yours, Flowers Unveiled gives each of our clients the very best in individual attention. We want you to leave with the satisfaction that your vision can become reality. We’re not happy until you are!

5. Location, location, location

If you are in need of Ft Lauderdale or Miami Floral design services, we are conveniently located to take care of all of your decorative needs. In addition to being centrally located we deliver.  Given how busy and hectic life seems to be nowadays, we have made a commitment to saving our clients time and headaches.  We will get you the floral design of your dreams and get it to you in the time frame we agree upon.


Floral design is one way that we can make the world a more beautiful place and your needs are our calling. Call Flowers Unveiled today to see the difference for yourself!