Every celebration, whether it is a very simple occasion or a grand affair, deserves to be showcased amid a beautiful surrounding of colorful blooms. We aim to help bring your vision to life, so that you and your guests will have a spectacular celebration that goes beyond imagination.


Whether you want us to build grand art installations adorned with a spectacle of the most sublime blooms or to compose exotic arrangements to suit the theme of your event, our team of expert floral designers will discerningly execute your imagination to delight every guest. 


We are a full service and floral design company based in Fort Lauderdale and offer services in the Miami area. Using our passion for all things floral, we help transform your vision into a spectacular floral masterpiece that will add an element of sophistication for your special events.


We have a strong passion to create a masterful setting for your revelries—whether you are celebrating a birthday, wedding, mitzvah, award recognition, fundraiser, corporate event, or any other celebration that requires exceptional décor.


We set ourselves above our competition


The love for flowers is second nature to the professional floral designer. More than the natural aptitude for flowers, a professional designer must have relevant training and experience and complete understanding of the techniques and design mechanics. A competent floral designer must intrinsically understand the distinct art of floral design. A professional floral designer must demonstrate artistry, creativity, passion, and dedication to create every floral masterpiece.


We believe that floral designers don’t all bloom from the same stem. That is why we pride ourselves as a step above our competitors, anchored on the belief that every floral design is a work of art — a masterpiece reflective of our ingenuity, passion, and dedication to create cohesive and spectacular floral works of art according to our client’s imagination and personality.



We always think beyond the flowers and vases. This is the definition of our commitment. We strive to come up with a unique design in every event that we undertake. We can transform your vision into reality. It will be our greatest honor to create for you stunning floral arrangements that will give more personality to your special event. We take pride in transforming your vision into fruition, whether you want an ambiance of classic sophistication, stylish contemporary, artistic elegance, striking minimalism, or even quirky. We recreate your vision.


We commit ourselves to the highest standards of quality


All floral masterpieces that we make are tastefully designed with a strong commitment to superior quality. Whether we are planning for a wedding day, corporate event or any special celebration, we place great care in the entire creative process.


From the selection of material, the execution, and the completion of a design, our commitment to observe the beauty of flowers and the ingenuity of our masterpieces is of paramount importance. 


Our commitment to excellence takes inspiration from the marvelous events of your life. We believe that life’s precious moments deserve to be celebrated in style. There is no better way to celebrate life’s milestone than by incorporating stylish blooms and other lavish design elements. Flowers can create unique ambiance that could transform even simple celebrations into a luxurious event.


We mirror your dream celebration in our work.  Through our outstanding attention to detail, we will implement your vision to create a personalized and unique ambiance so that your event will be a lifetime of beautiful memories. Furthermore, our love affair with flowers and colors and our multifaceted expertise enable us to create fascinating floral arrangements, juxtaposed with the explosion of vibrant colors. 


We are passionate for personalized service


Providing quality customer service is important to us. Our goal is to deliver individualized service that will satisfy our customers. We value your trust. That is why we take great care in providing you the personalized service you deserve. Our team of friendly and dedicated professionals is committed to providing you with exceptional service in a timely manner. Beyond floral design, we strive to make your event flowers the expression of your dreams. We always look forward to creating custom designs, tailored individually to your imagination. We strive to exceed our client’s expectations and we commit to give you top-notch, personalized service, while pleasing you with our affordable pricing.


We consistently strive to improve our craft


We offer innovative, tasteful floral designs that reflect the trends in the industry. We never cease to discover new things, novel techniques, and new technology to elevate the level of our services. Although we have a rich history of providing the finest arrangements, our passion for artistic expression drives us to look ahead and seek more knowledge to improve in our workmanship. Armed with a legacy recognized in the Floral Design Ft Lauderdale industry, we closely work with other industry professionals to create a magical wonder of flowered creativity.


Discovering new knowledge in the alchemy of floral artistry helps us to produce exquisite and breathtaking floral structures. Our work becomes a fusion of your stunning personality and the artistry of our design team. This marriage of the qualities provided a platform for innovative designs that stem from our experience in the craft. The streamlined process we undertake to revolutionize the way we handle our business has enabled us to produce very distinct designs that our clients enjoy.


Whether you desire an opulent centerpiece for a special dinner, an elaborate set-up for a grand event, or perhaps a stylish bouquet to express your love and appreciation, we always cherish the opportunity to be part of your life’s important milestones. As one of the leading names in Floral Design Ft Lauderdale industry, our experience in creating stunning and majestic floral masterpieces have made us one of the top choices of clients in Ft Lauderdale. We aim to build lasting relationships with clients and we want to share with you the magic and timeless gift of ingenious floral arrangements.


Therefore, armed with the wealth of our experience and our distinct commitment to the art of floral design, we build artistic floral installations that become the magnanimous expression of our passion for the art of floral expression.