If you are planning a wedding, one of the first questions that people will ask you is about your florist. Who are you going to use? What sort of bouquet have you planned? These are important choices! If you are looking for the best wedding flowers Ft Lauderdale and Miami has to offer, here are some reasons why you should contact Flowers Unveiled.

1. We set initial appointments up to a year in advance.

If your wedding date is still far off into the future, you might think that you have plenty of time to find a florist. However, the truth is that if you are having a spring, summer or holiday wedding, we (and some of the other top-notch florists in Ft Lauderdale) are booked months in advance. If you know the date, get in to see us as soon as possible. One of our floral experts will sit down with you and discuss how we are going to make your special day a gorgeous one.

2. We realize that every wedding has a budget.

Whether you have $10,000 or $1,000,000 to spend on your wedding (or something in between), we realize that everyone has a set amount that they are willing to dedicate to the flowers and décor. During your initial consultation, we will talk about the budget you have set aside for your floral decorations and make suggestions that work within your parameters. We are committed to creating floral decorations that are in in alignment with your vision and budget.

3. We offer a wide variety of flowers to greet each season.

The specific flowers that you choose for your wedding will vary with the season of your ceremony. This is not only true because of the traditional colors associated with each time of year but also because of the simple availability of different flowers in different seasons. While most flowers can be found year round, outside of their normal season they can be very costly.


The fall is the best time to feature dahlias, and if you're looking for a winter ceremony peonies are abundant. The springtime, of course, offers some of the most variety, with many colors and varieties blooming as the winter fade.

Each season also features its own vegetation, so if you want to work different berries, fruits or beautiful branches into your decor, we can help you put together the best decorative package for the time of year when you plan to get married.

4. We help you ensure that your flowers complement the other important elements of your wedding.

One of the most important considerations for a wedding florist is your dress. Because the dress and bouquet feature such a close connection, you want a bouquet that will match the style and color of your dress.

These two elements are what will construct your look, and during our consultation we will talk about your dress and how you want your bouquet to complement it. There are many types of wedding bouquets, and once we know the look and cut of the dress you have in mind, we will make several suggestions for you to consider.

The dress isn't the only design factor to consider, of course. Your venue is important when thinking about your flowers. If you are getting married in a 19th century farmhouse, you might go with an earthier look than you would if you were getting married in a large, traditional church rife with stained glass.

If you're getting married in a contemporary art museum that features chrome and glass as its main decorative elements, you would probably have a floral plan different from the first two settings.

Your ceremony is another consideration point with flowers. Do you want a lengthy, elaborate ceremony? Or is your wedding going to be short and sweet before you move somewhere else for the reception? The length of time and the elaborateness of your wedding will determine the ornateness of the floral decorations in that space. There's no reason to spend $5,000 on flowers to decorate the ceremony room if you're only going to be there for a few minutes.

5. We can help you match the trends, or buck them.

Every bride is different; some want to have a wedding that looks exactly like what they saw in a bridal magazine, while others want a setup that is unique. We can help you do either, because we have helped customers at both ends of the spectrum. No matter what you have in mind, or even if you are having a difficult time developing a decorative plan, we have the expertise and the training to help you decorate the wedding of your dreams. If you are looking for the very best floral design has to offer, call Flowers Unveiled today!